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What makes a house become a HOME? At American Property Brokers, we believe that you do. Your unique style and design, your personality and individual needs are what takes "just another house" to the one that you walk into and say "This is the one. This is our new home."

A realtor's job is to find a house. At APB, we find HOMES. We make it our mission to carefully select the properties that will best suit our clients' hopes and needs in order to provide a smooth and professional buying and selling experience. We appreciate your valuable time and we look forward to helping you find Your New Home.

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When it comes to buying and selling real estate, the agent that you work with can really make the difference. You need to know that they have listened and understand your real estate needs and that they truly have your best interest in mind. So how do you choose the right agent?
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Listing your Property

Attract buyers and sell your own home with low cost cosmetic steps. Cut the grass, clean up the outside and paint drab walls. Have a garage sale to get rid of inside clutter. Why? Because people buy homes that appear clean, solid and well maintained.

Your Marketing Plan

Your agent will create a marketing plan for your home that will help distinguish it in your local marketplace and attract buyers to your property. This may include posting your listing on the Internet, holding an open house and more. APB Sales Professionals will create a personalized marketing plan for clients. Its purpose is to sell a home at the best price possible in the shortest amount of time.

Your Property Sale

Successful real estate negotiation is more than a matter of luck or natural talent. American Property Brokers will help you to make a successful deal. Next, the financial part will usually be taken care before this point, but there are many options available. Home inspection is a process during which the house is examined from the ground up. We will also help this process be the smoothest possible.

About Buying

Whether you're a first-time home buyer or a veteran, buying a home is a complex process. American Property Brokers in Billings, MT is here to help you to figure out what kind of home you might like, which amenities are most important to you and how to estimate your price range so you can get the most for your money.

With so much information readily available online, clients sometimes ask me, "Why should we hire a real estate agent?"

They wonder, and rightfully so, if they couldn't buy or sell a home through the Internet or through regular marketing and advertising channels without representation, without a a real estate agent. Some do OK, many don't. On average, only 5% of For Sale by Owner Listings actually sell versus 81% of Agent's listings.